Real-time electricity & carbon API with forecasts

Precisely measure the origin of your electricity and optimize your emissions using data from over 100 geographies worldwide.

A global and comprehensive signal

electricityMap API is the largest source of real-time data for electricity and carbon intensity. By using our forecasted marginal signals, smart devices can anticipate optimal charging times, leading to lower emissions and lower electricity costs.

Multiple dimensions

Average carbon intensity
Marginal carbon intensity
Detailed breakdown per fuel

Global Coverage

Worldwide coverage
Standardized across regions
Includes imports & exports

High frequency

Minute granularity
48h ahead forecasts
High availability guaranteed
Live carbon intensity

GET /carbon-intensity/latest

Live power consumption breakdown

GET /power-consumption-breakdown/latest


GET /marginal-carbon-intensity/latest

Recent carbon intensity

GET /carbon-intensity/history

Recent power consumption breakdown

GET /power-consumption-breakdown/history


GET /marginal-carbon-intensity/history

Forecasted carbon intensity

GET /carbon-intensity/forecast

Forecasted power consumption breakdown

GET /power-consumption-breakdown/forecast


GET /marginal-carbon-intensity/forecast

"carbonIntensity": 302,
"datetime": "2018-04-25T18:07:00.350Z"

Partners and Advisors

Leveraging advanced technology

Built upon the open source project , electricityMap API offers streamlined access to our proprietary machine learning engine which processes over 300 datapoints per second. Coupled flow equations enable us to learn the physical origin of electricity at each point of the electrical grid. This enables our AI algorithms to understand the marginal origin of electricity, and to forecast it. Read more about our methodology on our blog .


Measure, Optimize, Engage

From carbon accounting to IOT.

electricityMap API usecase accounting

Precise accounting of carbon emissions and electricity origin

compliant with ISO 14064-1 and GHG Protocol accounting standards
down to regional / local state granularity
down to minute granularity
electricityMap API usecase mobility

Save on electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions by planning ahead

align consumption with wind and solar generation
opimize on price and emissions
reward your customers
electricityMap API usecase engage

communicate how your business helps the environment

differenticate your services
display achievements in real-time
reward and engage your customers

Available in 121 geographies

And growing.

Monthly rates

Starting prices per month and per geography. Contact us for a quote and a free trial.

Updated every 5 minute

Carbon Intensity
in gCO2eq/kWh


Origin of power
by fuel source ( e.g. 35% coal, 25% wind...)


Forecasted 48h ahead with hourly resolution

Carbon Intensity
in gCO2eq/kWh


Origin of power
by fuel source ( e.g. 35% coal, 25% wind...)


Marginal carbon intensity
in gCO2eq/kWh


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